When something isn't working

do you plug ahead, put it aside, start over? That's where I am right now with the July page. I think I'll take a nap.


freebird said...

I do just what you said. I sleep on it. Probably overnight so my dreams will work with it. It's surprising what the subconscious will do when we let go. The other thing I do is start a different project usually in a different medium. It relaxes the mind so it can work smoothly. With those two things most projects work out well. If that doesn't work I show it to my husband. He can be quite unhelpful sometimes but then again, he's been known to come up with just the right idea to get me going again. So, don't look for your best pal if you go that route, look for someone who will maybe hurt your feelings a bit as their honesty is best.

beadbabe49 said...

I find I have a tendency to decide too early in the process that something is "not working" and wanting to tear it out....after a few years at this improvisational bead embroidery, I now try to keep going, because I often can work right past disliking it into liking it a lot!
(and sometimes I stop for a looong time before I pick a piece up again to resume working on it..;)