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Last night I started the August Tropicana page - I'm not sure if I like it or not - I think that this time, rather than starting over as I did in July, I will attempt to just plug through.


Aurora said...

Ah but I just love these colors!
but I do think it is good to stretch oneself with a totally different palette. I am in school training as a fabric designer--and designing all the time in palettes I start out hating--but as I work I gradually begin to like the palette--(but I just love colors.) maybe by the time you are done you will be more into these colors?

freebird said...

This is already beautiful; you've got a good thing going. They may not be your colors but you are doing them very well, combining them with stitches that make the whole thing ready for a chacha or a tango!

Sacredartist said...

Oh yea this is going to be sweet. I love the colors and the design you have started. I can't wait to see it finished.
I think that playing around with color is so expansive. It is such a science.
I have gone on the internet and for fun looked at a picture, maybe abstract and pull those colors to use in a design. It helps me in my study of colors to study someone else's. Looking at a magazine article just for color palettes and collecting the ones that you like then glue in them on a card for reference might be fun. Or paisleys have a rich color palette sometimes that have inspired me.
Since you have already started this color scheme, see if you can find it in a classical piece of work by say Van Gogh or someone else that you admire. Or just for fun type in two or three of the colors that you are using and do a Google Image search. See how much or how little one is used with the other.
You can see that I am thinking about this because I have yet to pick my colors for my August project and I need some ideas. Great to brainstorming.