Home from Artfest

I had a great time. I go mostly to see my friends and hang out but this year the classes were excellent as well which was an added bonus.

Thursday I took the Precious Metal Clay class. It was very interesting to me that it was so similiar to the low fire clay that I have worked with for years. I never do my best work in a classroom setting, but I really did enjoy making these charms. We also learned how to set stones and fire the clay both in a little wee kiln and with a torch.

Friday was the Icons class - It was very low key and fun - just mostly slapping paper and paint around. I sat with my friend Leilainia and that was the best part of the day.

Saturday was the Creative Characters day. I don't know if I was overly tired or what but the first part of this class nearly frustrated me to tears - I was ready to turn in my artist card but the teacher helped and suddenly a little light when on in my brain - If you ever get the chance Karen O'Brien is an incredibly wonderful and skilled teacher. I highly recommend taking class from her and would love to take another. After much gnashing of teeth and furrowing of brow I got this little painting done - It was really quite fun.

The dogs were overjoyed to have me home and I was happy to be back to my own comfy bed. Next on the agenda - a wedding dress.

p.s - There are tons more Artfest pictures on my flickr page.