I"m still facilating on a theme for my August page - my initial thought was a hot hot hot tropical theme - bright oranges, pinks, yellows and blues - then I started thinking about a conversation Charles and I had a way back about me viewing life in black and white - there's very little grey in my world so I thought of doing a page of black and white beads with just a bit of grey - i have a multitude of black and white beads and a multitude of black/white fabrics. It's a thought. I can always do black and white another month.

I received a magnificent lampwork bead in the mail today that I think might be the focus of the tropicana page. The creator of this beauty is Silverfish Designs on Etsy. I love using beads that are made individually by artisans. I know that I don't have the eyesight nor the patience to learn lampworking, but I am happy to be able to support artists even if it's only one bead at a time.

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Kathy Wagner said...

Fantastic lampwork piece! I really appreciate your thoughts about supporting artists - I wholeheartedly agree! So many beads, so little money!