something silly

After working for so many hours on the December Bead Journal Project page I wanted to do something relaxing and so I decided to make silly sock monsters - except I used baby sized socks. They just make me laugh - It also makes me laugh seeing Zakk the puppy try to sneak them off the sewing table. Rather than torture him with temptation, I've packed them up and shipped them out to surprise someone.


December page completed

Being snowed in has had its' advantages as I finished up my December page this evening. I have an idea brewing for January but think I need to spend a day re-organizing my bead stash and I've not really put anything away in its' proper spot since this BJP began in September and it's difficult to tell what I have on hand.

How do you organize your beads? I've tried sorting by color, sorting by size, but it still seems like even when the beads are 'sorted' there is still a big jumble in each color drawer and I spend far far too much time finding what I want to use instead of actually beading.

Here's December completed.


December BJP page continues

Still snowed in - this is getting very very old, very very fast. I broke out the size 15 beads this morning figuring that since I had so much time to work on this page, I might as well use them.



We've had quite abnormal weather here for the past week and I've been stuck in the house due to ice and snow which of course became the focus of my December Bead Journal Project page. It's still snowing so possibly I'll get this finished before Christmas. I never thought I'd WANT to go to the office so badly.


November BJP Finally Finished!

This one took me a very long time - a page of conflict, it offered me lots of conflicts. I'm not very happy with it, but I'm glad it's done. I've started December and am back to my 'comfort zone' of cool colors.

Here's November


Still stuck

I'm still stuck on my November Bead Journal Project page and have not begun December. I have this 'thing' about finishing a page before I proceed to the next month - a 'thing' that may have to be changed.

I have been working on some other projects - I took an on line class from Carla Sonheim that was very enjoyable. We made a fabric book and bag.

At the last minute I joined one of the 'Twelve Days of Christmas' projects where everyone sends in 12 hand made gifties and the hostess swaps them out so everyone gets a package back with 12 gifties - Of course I joined this at the last possible moment and so spent a very long time working on projects that I thought would go quickly. I made felt hearts that I needle felted some fiber onto and then embellished with beads and sequins and added a pin back. They were really fun to make.

In other news, baby Zakk had a pretty significant urinary track infection but after spending a lot of money at the vet, he is back to his old speed racer self.

Mushu had to have a bit of surgery and since I spoiled her terribly upon her return from hospital, she now believes she should always sleep in our bed under the covers with her head on a pillow and should always eat human food fed to her by spoon. I've created a monster. (She's awfully cute though isn't she?)

Hopefully I'll get to my November page soon so that I can progress onto December. I haven't even begun to think of a focus on the December page, I'm so perplexed with November.