thinking about beads

I finally got posting access to the BJP blog and am so gratified by the encouraging comments of others. I still have so much to learn but am happy to know that I'm at least on the right track. I've spent a good part of the morning reading blog entries from other participants of the project and one person wrote about using her 'best' beads on this project and the freedom that comes from that. What an amazing idea - I remember 'saving' good fabric for a time when I was thinner/had someplace exciting to go/whatever and then loosing all that cashmere/wool/silk in a flood - why save these things? more realistically - why hoard them? that's what i do - I have my 'beads' and then i have one special set of drawers for my 'BEADS' - the dichroic glass, the semi-precious stones, the antique buttons - I'm going to use them all on these projects for after all, this project is for me - not to sell, not to send off to an exchange, but for me - to experiment and grow and learn - and with that thought, the beginnings of what I want to do for July fell into place. It is so hot here - unseasonably hot for this area, though certainly not hot by other standards - but I want to do something cool and watery and almost ethereal - so I think I will save Tropicana for August and do July at the Shore for this month. July 'under' the shore more specificly. But first I need to get some 'deadline' project out of the way - uck.

I finished one 'deadline' project last night - just 3 more to go this weekend - no wait - 4 - and I can bead again. I know myself better than to begin the beading because it won't stop until I am done and I'll never get the other projects done. But here is the deadline project - what a silly thing it is but I enjoyed making something light-hearted.


freebird said...

Lighthearted is as close to play as I can get. It is cute and playful. Is it an ATC? a poster?

mountainsaltstudio said...

It's a page for a book - each of us were given the image of the little girl in 2 different poses and a 'storyline' to fill in - Mine was "journeying by ___ Ainia discovered _____."

Each of us was given a different storyline and when we get the all back we'll have an rather interesting little book.