The new year of the Bead Journal Project is underway. It is really exciting to thing of all of the people in so many countries around the world working on the same project. I've been working on other projects but thinking of my bead journal size. I've decided to work in 5 x 11 inch rectangles situated vertically that will be sewn into a wall hanging at the end of the project.

I've just finished up a self imposed class on wool felting. I've wanted to learn for some time and finally just gathered up my books and supplies and had at it for the long holiday weekend. It really was fun and I plan to do much much more, perhaps even incorporating it into some of my bead journal pages.


pam T said...

ooooooooo Diane! love the felting! is it difficult?

Jacqui said...

I love the felt and hope that you manage to incorporate into your bead journals. Felting is a such a great texture.

freebird said...

I haven't yet succumbed to the felting craze. I have so many supplies for so many things my room is bursting at the seams. It keeps tempting me though.