My work space

Denise asked on her blog for folks to post pictures of their work spaces. Much to the disappointment of my boyfriend who built me an amazing studio with cabinets, counters and work tables, I work on a tv table. I also must put everything away whenever I leave the space for more than a minute or two because I have a puppy who loves to chew fabric and snatch my things to take to his bed and another dog who for some reason, loves to eat beads. But this is the set-up for today. There's a snap-locking file drawer next to the table where everything is stashed when I'm not working - it has more beads as well. I take out what I think I might use on a piece and keep everything in the box until the piece is done when I'll hopefully put everything back into it's color labeled drawer for the next project - I say hopefully because sometimes this just doesn't happen. When the Bead Journal Project ended for the past year, it took me a full day to find and sort and put away the beads that never got put away when the year was over.
Note the critical components - diet pepsi, remote control, magnifying glasses from the drug store that I wear on top of my bi-focals - it's quite an attractive look, I assure you.


Denise said...

Heyy! I drink Diet Pepsi when I bead too! And I work on a t.v. tray but my furry friends don't go on there - they don't like me cranky!
All those different types of beads and bead containers! Stampin'Up? Do they sell beads now? And what's up with the material hiding all that gorgeous beadwork!
Thanks for playing, I'll announce the winner tomorrow morning!
Cheers, Denise

Mountain Salt Studio said...

I used to be a stampin' up demonstrator - I think they might sell beads but they sold those containers to store buttons and eyelets and things - they work okay for beads too!

freebird said...

I don't wear glasses over bifocals but I have four pair of different strength glasses sitting here so I can see what my contacts won't let me!