Amazing Bead Artist

I received an email this morning from a person with my same name. Now being named Diane Moore isn't that unusual - there are three Diane Moore's in the small town that I live in and we all go to the same vet. But to meet a Diane Moore who is an amazing bead artist? Now that is something pretty cool. So go check out her work - you won't regret it.

her maiden name is Moore -


abeadlady said...

You are right, Diane. Her work is wonderful. What patience to sew all those bugles! Thanks for sharing.


beadbabe49 said...

very kewl work! but arline, she glues the bugles...they're not sewn!

Mountain Salt Studio said...

I was wondering about the gluing/sewing too but after looking at them closely, they are glued. I am working it out in my little pointed head to try to get that kind of movement with bugle beads that are sewn.