On line classes

I've been having just a wonderful time taking on line classes at joggles.com. I finished up my projects in the Funky Felt Pin class. These were such fun - here are a couple of my favorites - the rest can be see on my flickr site.

I also finished my third project in the Fertile Earth class - It is supposed to be a Canadian Thistle but my friend Suz thinks it's Christmasy. The central floral bit is deep purple rather than the fuschia color that shows up here.
I'm off to Artfest later this week and will have tons of photos and stories upon my return.

In other news, the Bead Journal Project is continuing for another year beginning this September. If you would like to participate, I'll have sign up information here later this summer. It really is a fun project with a supportive group of people - beginners are welcome - in fact, I'd never done any bead embroidery at all when I started last year. This project gives me just a wee bit of structure that I need to complete something every month without the stress of deadlines to mail something off to someone. So if you've enjoyed viewing my beaded hearts this year and would like to try your hand at it, don't be shy - join us!


dunesza said...

Me:) IF I can find a supplier of cheapish beads here in NZ:) It looked like such a good thing to be part of:)

Have fun at Artfest! Wish was there too!

abeadlady said...

Diane, your pins turned out just great. They make you want to pick one up and pin it on.


Plain Jane said...

Your thistle is truly gorgeous! You really GOT susan's ideas and ran with them. really beautiful.
jane, from your FE joggles class.

Heather said...

Wow- these are just gorgeous!

KV said...

All of these pieces are terrific, Diane! You sure have been one busy lady . . .

Kathy V in NM