March Stitches


I've been working simultaneously on several project. The March BJP is finally formulated in my head and I cut the fabric and basted the stabilizer for it last night. I've been finishing up the 2nd project in the Sumptuous Stitches class but as is my nature, it is another one of those projects that has grown out of control and is bigger and more detailed than I ever imagined it would be. I do enjoy the embellishing though - the little hidden stitches and the sequins and beads. Here is the progress to date. Not the best photo in the world but you get the idea of where I'm going


I started the class with Susan Sorrell last week and am having a blast. I love her way of teaching - "here is how to do a technique - here is how I did it, these are the things that happened that I didn't like and how I worked with them - now go do it" I work best with those types of classes rather than the 'cut the brown fabric to 2 cm by 8 cm and glue it 45 cm from the edge of the green fabric'. My first project involved designing with a fruit or vegetable and I picked pears - After a rocky start, I came up with something I'm enjoying working on - of course once again the details are what is taking a long time but I think that I'll really like this once it's finished.

A close up of some of the detail.

I've also begun work on the wedding dress for my son's bride to be - it's going to be such fun as she is far from a traditional girl. Then there's Artfest in such a few weeks - My head is going to be so full of new ideas soon it may just burst!


Plain Jane said...

WOW that embroidery is really beautiful!! Can't wait to see what your pears look like when you're done. Please, be sure and include more of the closeups. gorgeous.

Paula Hewitt said...

wow - your sumptuous surface piece is looking great, as is your pears - I might have to do that course myself - i think i would like susans sytle of teaching too!
are we going to see the wedding dress in progress, or when the groom does?

Angela said...

What a difference a few days make!! Your Sumptuous Surfaces piece is fantastic - and the pears look interesting already. I also looked at Susan Sorrel's class, but decided to pass this time until I get some UFO's finished... Now hearing how much you've got on all at once I feel I've wimped out! Looking forward to seeing how ALL your projects progress.