New Projects!

I've been busy with several fun little projects - the first being these 'funky felt pins', another on-line class with Susan Sorrell. Here are the bases of the pins - I have them along with some embroidery floss in a Whitman Sampler box sitting here on my desk at work just hoping to catch a few spare minutes to begin stitching.

I've also been working on Lesson #3 of the Fertile Earth class but haven't progressed very far - Here's the base of the piece which will eventually be a Canadian Thistle.

Artfest is next week! Here are the beginnings of my house trades - before and after flowers was the theme. So my 'before' flowers are paper because that was what I used to work primarily in and my 'after' flowers are fabric because that's what I do now - not very esoteric but it works.

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abeadlady said...

Love the pins. They will be so cute when finished. Don't you love small projects you can pick up anytime?

The thistle is off to a good start. It should be beautiful.

Anyone should be pleased to get your trades, either paper or fabric. They are super.