Missing: Bead Muse

So the bead embroidery fairy seems to have left me temporarily and I can't seem to find her. I have, however, been sewing little fabric collage quilties. Here's another one. This one amuses me to no end. I don't know who the little girl is - I found her image in my 'stash' and loved the little smug look on her face. Someone asked what the number refers to - it really refers to nothing. I found that little ribbon on the floor in the 'art asylum' at ArtFiberFest several years ago and tucked it into my bag. It surfaced again when I was working on this piece. If you knew how much 'stuff' there is in my 'studio' (aka room of stuff), you'd know what a miraculous effort it must have taken for this wee ribbon to work its' way to the top of the heap, so I felt that it needed to be included (along with the odd green safety pin) in this 'badass' quilty.

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Maria said...

Very cool and fun!