Bead Muse Returns from Vacation

It appears that my bead muse has returned from her extensive vacation. It's been quite a few weeks since I did any bead embroidery - it just wasn't in me. I puttered with other things but the beads were always in the back of my head. This past weekend as I was organizing some supplies I came across a small bag of various stone cabs and the bead muse suddenly flew into the room and I started stitching again. I'm not certain where this is going but I'm quite pleased with it for now.

The Bead Journal Project is nearly over for this year and a new round will start next January. If you are interested in participating, be certain to check out the website as updates will be posted there. There is also an announcement only Yahoo list that will post updates on registration times. If you would like to be added to this list, just let me know and I'll send you an invitation or go here and join.

I've had a 'little helper' in the studio lately. My baby dog Zakk feels the need to lay on one of the studio work tables so that he can look out the window. He takes over the two cat beds that are there (and the cats are soooo not amused). I think he is jealous of the big dogs because they can just stand at the window and look out but he is so much smaller than them that he prefers to get on the table. He cracks me up.


Sea Mist and Sunsets said...

Love the way the bead project is unfolding. Those colors are some of my favs. Zeke looks hysterical spread across those cat beds while gazing plaintively
out the window. One determined dude. Enjoy!

Vyx said...

Hey there! WHAT is that fabric you are bead embroidering onto? I love it!

I forget to read your blog... must bookmark it.


Mountain Salt Studio said...

Thanks Vyx - it's just regular old quilting cotton - I think that particular one is from craftconn.com


pam T said...

oooo your bead muse is definitely back, but the quilties you've been working on in previous posts are fabulous! OMG, that pic of Zakk on the cat beds is HILARIOUS! I'm surprised they don't kick him out....

sgaynor said...

OMG...the dog is just ADORABLE! I love it! Your bead work is extraordinary!