And on to May

I was stumped for the May Bead Journal Project page. Sometimes the most difficult thing is just beginning. I fondled many beads many times looking for inspiration, remembering what Robin Atkins writes in one of her books about just picking some fabric, picking a bead that speaks to you and sewing it on. But it just wasn't happening. Due to many forces the beads weren't singing to me - the only ones I gravitated to were dull, gray, sad little beads because my world seemed pretty gray and dull. And so, I brought out a little pile of sad gray beads and found the little slab of cut stone with some gray in it. Then I of course needed fabric and as I went through my stash I realized that I don't really have any dull, gray, sad fabric but I did find a fat quarter of some dull lavender and grabbed that. I set about to prepare my surface, pre-washing and ironing and tacking on the wool felt backing and began to sew the focal bead when I read the words printed on the fabric "Be bold and mighty forces will come to your aid". I hadn't really even noticed the print on the fabric before I sat down to work with it. But the words 'be bold and mighty forces will come to your aid' began to make perfect sense for this piece. I started with the knotted up, enclosed focal bead and then started to 'be bold'. It will be interesting to see where this goes.


Carol said...

I foresee another beautiful piece. The beads were talking, you just weren't listening!

Anne Marie - Toronto said...
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Anne Marie - Toronto said...

agree! It's going to take you into another amazing place. I love your work!
(sorry, the last one was removed because of a spelling error. Strange that you can delete, but not edit a comment after it's posted).

Sabine said...

Hello, Diane,

I had come here after reading your comment on Robin's blog to wish you a speedy recovery from the nasty sore throat. But having landed on your site, I found lovely things to look at, namely your gorgeous April piece and the BJP May piece in progress. It is going to be great! I love the story about the fabric. Funny, the way one sometimes looks at things, not really seeing them, and then, suddenly, your eyes and mind open up!

Happy days,