The Dogs

Some of you know that I'm owned by four dogs (well there are six cats too but they aren't quite so demanding). I've updated pictures of them on the sidebar. Irie is my old grumpy bossy girl. Every time I think she's on her last legs, she surprises me by chasing Zakk up the hill. Zeke is the same age as Irie, but since he extends very little energy (i.e. he's a slug) he doesn't seem quite as old. Zeke's best trick is laying down to eat and grabbing everyone's food bowls with his paw and pulling them over to him so he can finish their food as well.

When we got Mushu, my son and his wife were VERY concerned. She's a Tibetan Mastiff, Rottweiler, Pit Bull mix - they were certain she'd be quite vicious - she's anything BUT - she's the sweetest girl in the world and loves to be brushed and to snuggle up with you in bed. Like I always say 'punish the deed, not the breed'.

Zakk? well Zakk is another story - a wild boy - still not totally housebroken but are terriers EVER totally housebroken? He's very smart and very inquisitive and very cute and he totally loves Charles - they are two peas in a pod those two.

And that is the update on the dogs.

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Carol said...

I enjoyed your dog post. I too am a dog lover. I had 4 also just a few years ago, but have only 2 now. Jack is a Box-a-dor, part boxer and part black lab. He looks a lot like Irie. We also have a shepherd-rotweiler mix. He carries the temperment and broad body of a rotweiler. Both are big babies. You can certainly see the rotweiler in Mushu. She is a beautiful dog. You can see the playful pup in Zakk. Zeke must be a great old friend. Do they all like your cats?