by the skin of my teeth

I managed to start the March BJP page during the actual month! This page is representative of St. Patrick's Day - the historic perspective of this day that is really a day of religious intolerance in many ways. The driving of the snake from Ireland being symbolic of driving out the old pagan ways. I'm trying to learn more about the world and so did some reading on the history of Ireland and its' long history of discrimination against the Irish people - both in their own country and when they immigrated to America - not all that long ago signs saying "No Irish need apply" were commonplace - can you imagine that happening now? Okay - enough with my history lesson - here's the beginnings of the March page.

I'm off to ArtFest in the morning for my annual battery recharge - lots of eye candy upon my return.

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Robin said...

Thanks for the history lesson... wouldn't mind having more! Love your start, the snake wrapped around the pagan goddess and the isolated religious icon. Promises to be a very compelling page! Robin A.