still catching my breath

I did manage to sit down long enough to work up a design (in my pointed little head) and a color pallette for my next sumptuous surfaces project. My color palette came from my mother's home. My mother and I are polar opposites - she's a taurus - I'm a libra - how's that for starters? She votes for Team Elephant - I do not. My house is wild and bright and full of colors that don't match and her house is tasteful and color coordinated down to the dish cloths. These are the colors of my mother's house. Of course she lives in the dessert and I live in the forest so that probably is a big influence on our lives as well.

Last night I painted some linen to work on - It didn't come out exactly as I had hoped but then I was half asleep when I was painting the fabric and was using Dr Ph Martins Bombay Ink which I don't think was really developed for painting fabric - but it was what was within arms reach so there you go. I think it will work though.

I'm hoping to have long hours to stitch this weekend but the sun is shining which may necessitate a trip to the beach. I think the new little pup might enjoy that. Speaking of which - he's growing like a HORSE! and eating like one too and well - what goes with eating is horselike as well - I'm glad that my job isn't poop patrol.

Irie is getting better with the pup - She plays with him more now rather than just growling - Zeke on the other hand is being a cranky old man. It is such a joy for me to see Mu and Zakk just run run run together in the back yard. They are the best of friends which exactly why we wanted to get a puppy - so Mu would have someone to play with. Irie had to get a new collar which made her feel a bit better about having the pesky pup around. I call her "Princess Cupcake" now, but Charles continues to refer to her as Princess Heartburn.

Oh! And I did finish my last piece from the Sumptuous Surfaces class - and here it is. If it doesn't quite resemble the first go at it, it's because I started again on a larger piece of fabric that was much better suited to my arthritic hands.

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