I started my February Bead Journal Page today - It's loosely based on Mardi Gras colorwise anyway. I changed up and did some regular thread embroidery on the fabric before I began the beading. I'm taking an on-line embroidery class and the first assignment is a white on white/neutral piece and I needed some color AND I needed to practice my stitching so this month's page covers both of those things..

Here's the beginnings of the white on white postcard sized piece.


coral-seas said...

Wow, that sure is colourful.

Bet I can guess which on-line class you are doing :) I really wanted to do that class this time around but my dance card is full to brim right now. When I see some of the name taking part this time, I wish even more I was sharing this journey with you.

Oh well, maybe next time :)

Ro Bruhn said...

Love these beaded journal pages, the two in your earlier posts are stunning, true works of art