Beginning October

I have so many page ideas in my head, I really hope to get two done for October - maybe my journal pages will be double sided for each month? That would be pretty cool. October is my birth month so I have begun my "when I get old I shall wear purple" page. I've always loved purple and red together - long before there were ladies who wore those colors. When I wore a suit to work, I had a purple linen one that I would wear with a red silk blouse and red 3-inch heels (that would also be when I wore heels so you know it was a very very very long time ago. A particularly snotty woman at the office would always comment on my 'interesting' color choices to which I just would smile sweetly and say 'well bless your heart'. Now Southern women KNOW what 'well bless your heart' means but this woman was a Yankee so she thought that I was being nice.

I got up early this morning to start October before I came into the office. I saw some work done somewhere on the internet that had an interesting sequin application that I tried to mimic, but I didn't quite get it - Now I need to try and remember where I saw that piece so I can go back and look at it again as trying to do something from memory obviously isn't working. I still do like the glimmer of the bit of sequins and I am following the 'don't rip out' method so we'll see how it goes.

The other thing I worked on this weekend were these 'inchies' for a swap. I'm just not getting the 'inchie' thing - but they are done and in the mail and I've made a mental note not to do inchie swaps anymore. They sort of remind me of sea creatures.

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Robin said...

Yeah, I saw the inch article in QA magazine, and thought about doing them... Naw... too small...

October! WOW! more on that subject next post up.