The best intentions. . .

I always have the best of intentions. I actually DID try to start a blog at enchyland.com but I couldn't figure out that blogger.com thing so I paid for the domain for a year and gave up. And so I have come back here for a while. It is interesting (and disheartening) for me to read back over old posts. All of those intentions. No accomplishments. But once again I will attempt to move forward. I am working on a painting. I'm not happy with it - not happy at all. I somehow thought that I could just not paint at all for years and then pick up a brush and immediately paint exactly what I saw in my head. (yes I know - pretty silly). I have taken a TON of on-line classes and done pretty much nothing except buy the supplies for the classes and watch the video and think about what I want to do. Lots of thinking - not much doing. I still visit that 'meaningful body of work' thing. There's not much else new. Another cat has passed away after a sudden illness and a week of hospitalization and no real cause known despite tons of tests. That put me back quite a bit. Now we are 2 dogs and one very old cat - who would have thought that the oldest cat would live the longest - periodically she appears to be on death's door and I take her in to vet who can find nothing wrong and she suddenly rebounds and starts running around the house like a crazy girl. Zakk and Mushu the dogs are getting grey but don't seem to be slowing down. I once again have the best of intentions - only time will tell if I follow through - but for now - have a beautiful day.

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