A new project

I love taking classes at Joggles.com - I really do. I haven't taken one in a while and signed up for a poly clay class taught by Christi Friesen because I haven't played with clay in a long time and I needed to push myself into doing something new. At first I thought that perhaps this project was too complicated for me, but once I got going I had a blast. Here's what I made.

Pretty sweet huh? And it was lots of fun. Christi teaches lots of classes and I highly recommend taking a class from her if you get a chance. She also has some tutorials on her website - some are free, others are a nominal fee. They are great as well. Since I had the clay out I decided to try one. I made the steampunk bug but since I'm not a steampunk kinda gal, I just substituted rhinestones for the gears!

I'm working on the Luna Moth now. These are really fun little projects that are much easier than I ever thought they'd be. I can't wait for the next class.



Your work is awesome!

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Your project was marvelous

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