something new

I'm taking a break from the circles, letting my finger heal up while waiting for a leather thimble to come in the mail (who would have thought it would be so difficult to find one locally? certainly not me).

I'm taking another on line class at Joggles.com. I love taking these classes - they give me a sense of structure that I can still work on according to my own schedule. The current class is being taught by Jane LaFazio who is an amazing artist and the topic is art quilts. The first one was a 'landscape' quilt. This was the lesson that least appealed to me when I looked at the class description, but I'm really glad now that I went ahead and did the project (and of course I added a few beads).


Plain Jane said...

SO glad you ended up enjoying the project. Your landscape is wonderful!

Prpldy said...

I love leather thimbles and have several of them myself...mainly because other thimbles are too small for my big fingers. But I digress...I love what you created...it's so beautiful!


Stacy Alexander said...

Hey Missy!

LOVE those beautiful landscapes. Your work, in general, is breathtaking.

(Btw, your link to Jane F's classes is broken.)

Happy to see you over on Creative Souls!


tangled stitch said...

Your work is incredible love the colors in this one!