Happy Inauguration Day!

I finished my January Bead Journal Project page over the weekend. It's quite a different 'look' for me - I feel like this month is all about change and as I wrote previously, there are a lot of changes involved in this page - change in needles, change in colors, change even in backing material, using metals - lots of change - some of it good, some of it not so good. I liked the new needles, didn't care for the tear away stabilizer backing and red, white and blue is still not my favorite color combination. Here is the finished page.


Julie said...

Oh I love this piece. Change is hard but its good for our brains, helps flexible. I really like all the texture. JulieC

KV said...

It may not be your favorite color scheme, but you did a terrific job with this piece, Diane!

Kathy V in NM

Carol said...

Different, but still fun to look at! I really like all the little details you have added like the little bird. Lots of texture and movement created. I really like this piece. Feels happy.

Robin said...

I agree with Julie... Plus I LOVE the idea of celebrating change and advocating peace. This is an important piece in many ways. Thanks for putting this energy into the universe.

Robin A.