Wow - It's been a while

The new year of the Bead Journal Project is about to start and I'm so excited to get going again - I won't be doing hearts again this year however, I'm thinking rectangles. I probably won't totally decide until I start this coming weekend.

The last few weeks have been filled with little projects. I finally finished the gypsy wagon I made for a swap. Unfortunately, I learned too late that one should make the container before they make the contents. I spent hours making and painting furniture that ended up being the wrong scale and not fitting into the wagon. Of course I think that might mean that I need to make a proper doll house now. (Maybe not) In any event, here is the wagon along with another photo of just some of the furniture that got made but didn't fit.

I also took several on line classes this summer, none of which I ever finished. Hopefully, I'll get to them sometime this fall when the rainy season begins and I'm not as likely to spend my time outside. One was a donoma stump doll that was very interesting to make. I took a class called 'the fairy catcher' where e were to make a doll holding a caged fairy. Unfortunately, all I got done was the fairy but
here she is.

While I was making dolls, I rekindled my love of making doll clothes and so acquired a Blythe and an American Girl doll to sew for. I really think this is going to be a lot of fun plus several of my friends have these dolls as well so I'll be able to sew gifts for their girls.

That's all from me until next week when the Bead Journal Project starts up again. If you'd like to read along, there are three Bead Journal Project blogs this year due to the number of participants, you can link to all of them from here. You can also subscribe to the posts from the same spot.

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