Work continues

on the wedding dress. It's not quite how I want it yet so I'll be going to the children's house to work on it again this weekend. I could probably finish it if I had it at home but I'm worried about the puppy somehow sinking his teeth into it so it stays safe and sound in a dog-free apartment. I did however get a picture of one of my grandkittens helping me sew last weekend. Also here is a shot of the beading I'm doing on the shrug that goes with the dress. The dress is strapless, the bride has many tattoos so we're using the shrug for some of the more formal wedding photos (like the ones that will be sent off to grandparents). The wedding dress work was quite frustrating this past weekend as the dress looked amazing until I hemmed it and then the hem was all wobbly no matter how much steaming I did - In the way olden days (who remembers this?) we used to buy little weights that we'd sew into the hem of jackets and dresses when we had this problem - the women at the fabric store looked at me like i was insane when I asked about them. So I've found some wonderful beaded trim to apply to the hem to give it a little weight - I'm thinking this will do the trick however hand sewing trim onto a bzillion inches of dress hem isn't my idea of a way to spend a Sunday afternoon but it's once in a lifetime - right?

i'm still plugging away on my April Bead Journal Project page. I've never been this tardy with a page before - I worked on it for a while last night and I'm thinking just a few more hours and it will be complete. Here's the work up until now. The women at Wynwood Beads in Pt. Townsend gave me those little white fish beads so I had to work them into the page somehow.

Mr Zakk the puppy is not getting very big which is a very good thing - in fact, he's much smaller than any of the other dogs. Of course he's only six months old but it doesn't seem like he's really going to grow all that much larger. He's getting better about not destroying too many things while we are at work but he can't resist my shoes and is determined to get to them no matter how securely I think I've stashed them - this boy can open closets and drawers! As I've said a million times, it's a good thing he's cute.


Paula Hewitt said...

the beading on the shrug is lovely - you cant go wrong woth green and purple!

freebird said...

I always heard that fishing weights work well for that bit of pull if the beads don't do enough.