Thinking ahead to October

I love the month of October - I love Fall in general, the way the air smells, the way the wind kicks up and first and foremost, I love October because it marks the beginning of the "candy holidays" and is also my birth month. I may end up doing two pages again in October because I have two projects that I want to do that relate to this month. First of course, is a Halloween page because I love Halloween - I have amazingly wonderful childhood memories of the holiday and I really want to do a Halloween page. I have the perfect bead to start the page, made by my friend Pam at The Blue Between - how precious is this?

and the second page, a birthday page - I'm still thinking about it but I think that I have an idea. I'll keep you posted.

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Chris said...

Hi Enchy,
Love the bead, bead page and the new (to me) blog. My computer bit the dust months ago and I'm just catching up with your new work.

Hope we get a chance to giggle a bit at Artfiberfest.

Chris Schutz
And yep...these fallish days are soooo fine. My favorite season as well.