I hate being "stuck"

And stuck is where I am right now on this doll I've been working on for the past while - I'm stuck on the parrots for one - I ordered some parrot beads that are way too small, doubt my skill level at being able to bead them successfully and don't like them left plain. Something will pop into my head eventually. I was stuck on the ruffle at the bottom of her dress - mostly because I don't care for the color combination used and then it came to me (duh) that I could just change it with the beads so that's the plan. Next on the agenda, a Virgin of Guadalupe.


KV said...

This is quite beautiful, Diane. I understand your reluctance to go on with it regarding the parrots. Have been searching through my stuff for a special item for my July page and it hasn't materialized yet.

But I hope you finish it some day because it is wonderful.

Kathy V in NM

Kiwi Ellen said...

I love it!! Why not use size 15 beads for the parrots. Maybe you can get to Beads & Beyond in Bellevue http://local.yahoo.com/details?id=22072963, they have the most fabulous selection of Japanese 15s around. Shipwreck only have the Czech 15s & in limited colours. I've only been there once but what a memorable experience LOL And I live too far south to make a special trip there, so I order on-line for my 15s these days & catch Beki Haley at the PSBF if I am lucky

Sue in western WA said...

I'm with Kiwi Ellen. The 15's may be the ticket. You could do it with delicas but they tend to be expensive. I don't really find those tiny sizes as hard to work with as I expected. But then I don't have RA either. :-P