bead lust

I joined the 2007 Bead Journal Project that began the first of June and have just finally gotten the time to work on my page for this month. I've always admired beaded embroidery but never done more than just a bit of embellishing here and there on other projects and thought this would be the perfect way to learn techniques and to see what I like and don't like - beads that are easy and difficult to work with - basically just play around with a purpose.

I decided early on that I would probably get bored working on a 'normal' geometric shape so decided that my pages would be heart shaped. My friend Mei is making house shaped pages and I didn't think that I knew anyone else who was participating until I found the 2007 Bead Journal Project Blog this morning.

In any event, I began my first page last night. I decided to do each monthly heart in a colorway indicitive of that month and for me, June = brides and brides = pearls. My friend rhonda reminded me that the rose is the flower for the month of June so my inclusion of some rosy pink beads was appropriate (good thing, I was getting bored of white and ecru after the first half hour).

My goal is to work 3 hours per evening and to finish this first heart page by the first of July - My initial plan was to work in red, white and blue for July but I think I've decided on a 'tropicana' vacation theme instead - My 2nd goal for this project is to work all of the pages with beads I already have and not to purchase anything new - that goal however, will probably not last long.

So here is day one -

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