I have been remiss

in updating this blog. I've been terribly busy at my 'real' job and though I made about 50 heart ornaments during the month of December, they were flying out the door too fast to take photos of them.
The biggest news is that our new dog arrived and he is so sweet. His name is Zakk.

I began work last night on my December bead journal page and hope to complete it this everning before the stroke of midnight. Hopefully I'll have a photo in the morning.

Happy New Year!


Fun Project

This project was probably the most fun sewing I've had in a long time. You know when you just look at something and giggle with happiness? The wonky beady dangles on these pieces did that for me -


A bit more work done on the Fabric Frame class pieces

This was a lot of fun though I still have a bit more to do. I really enjoyed taking this class on-line so that I could work on my own schedule and the process gave me a ton of ideas for other things.


I've been busy

I've been making some beaded heart ornaments

taking 2 on-line fabric art classes

making more beaded dolls

and getting ready for this little guy to come and live with us.

thanks for visiting.

some free holiday fun!

Lisa Vollrath has once again created her wonderful Christmas Countdown with free pinrtable images - it's like a little present visiting her site every day to see what is new - check it out here.